All the tour leaders of LivingNature work at key projects within the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/Birdlife Bulgaria and are among the best recognized Bulgarian experts in natural history, ornithology, zoology, botany, wildlife photography, ecology, cultural anthropology etc.

All our tour leaders  are happy to share their love for nature, people and culture. Their extensive experience and their passion for adventure allows them to balance the delicate line between guiding and spontaneity. Their intimate knowledge of the places and species, together with their unrivaled enthusiasm of genuine nature lovers will make your trip special!

They would love to introduce you to the places they call home...

Petar Iankov

Petar Iankov

BackgroundFounding member of BSPB(1988). Strategic planning of BSPB conservation activities for birds and habitats, direct participation in various BSPB research and conservation projects. Ornithology and conservation expert within BSPB. Holds PhD in Zoology

Leading - Birding and Nature tours (bird guide since 1985), Wildlife photography

Passion - Birding (over45 years experience),Wildlife and Nature photography

LanguagesBulgarian, English, Russian

Achievements – Author of the bookWhere to Watch Birds in Bulgaria, chief editor of the ‘Atlas of the Breeding Birds in Bulgaria’, numerous photographs published in various websites and magazinesin Bulgaria and abroad

Svetoslav Spasov  

Background Projects Director of BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria. Ornithologist, birding guide and wildlife photographer. Active member of BSPB since 1992. Holds MSc in Zoology. Founder of the Common Bird Monitroring Scheme in Bulgaria, which has been implemented by BSPB since 2004.

Leading Wildlife photography, Birding & Nature tours

Passion – Wildlife photography, Ornithology & Birding

Languages – Bulgarian, English

Achievements – Svetoslav’s photos have been published in magazines such as The National Geographic, GEO and BBC Knowledge, as well as in varous publications in many countries on 3 continents. He was the project manager of Save The Raptors LIFE+ project that was prized by the European Commission with the first ever Natura 2000 Award in the Conservation category for the Imperial Eagle conservation in Bulgaria in 2014.

Stoycho Stoychev


Background – Conservation Director of BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria. Ornithologist with a key role for the planning and coordination of BSPB`s conservation activities. Holds MSc in Ecology. Thanks to his efforts, the Imperial eagle population in Bulgaria has doubled over the last decade, to 25 breeding pairs. 

Leading Birding and Nature tours.

Passion – Birds of prey, Birding, Balkan history.

Languages – Bulgarian, English.

Achievements Winner of the Whitley Award – 2014, for the conservation of the Imperial Eagle in Bulgaria.

Dimitar Gradinarov- Mitko

Dimitar Gradinarov

Background  - Bird crime officer in BSPB. Ornithologist, birding guide and wildlife photographer. Fulfill important roles in a number of BSPB conservation projects. Active member of BSPB since 1993. Holds MSc in Zoology.

Leading - Wildlife photography, Birding and Nature tours

Passion - Wildlife and Nature photography. Birding (more than 25 years experience)

Languages – Bulgarian, English

Achievements - Plenty of photographs published in various websites and magazins, "National Geographic", Bulgaria including. 1st prize won for best photo in the Natural World category for Bulgaria in the National Geographic International Photo Contest (2006)

Stoyan Nikolov


Background – Ornithologist (PhD), birding guide and wildlife artist. Currently project manager of The Return of the Neophron LIFE+ project

Leading Birding & Nature tours

Passion – Ornithology & Birding (more than 25 years experience)

Languages – English, French

Achievements – Recipient of the scholarship of the Croatian Biological Society for the International Graduate School of Conservation Biology 2008, Croatia; Recipient of the Royal Statistical Society bursary for the International Statistical Ecology Conference 2008, St. Andrews University, Scotland. Young scientist award of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for significant contribution in studying the distribution and number of the breeding avifauna in Bulgaria, 2004

Iordan Hristov - Dancho


Background  - Coordinator of the Common birds monitoring scheme. Holds MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy. Many years of expirience in interaction with people, in environmental education, and bird id training.

Leading - Wildlife photography, Birding and Nature tours

Passion – Mountains, bird watching, landscape and wildlife photography, hiking, cycling,

Languages – Bulgarian, English